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Our Team

Ted Arslanian – President and Founder

For the past half-century, Ted has been dedicated to ensuring that all of Arslanian Brothers’ customers are pleased. Since 1959, the company has become famous for unmatched customer service and superior cleaning at a reasonable price. He has served as president of the Ohio Carpet Cleaning Association, and has been on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Rug Cleaners.

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Arslanian Owners
Hank Arslanian – Plant Operations

Hank manages the rug cleaning and repair departments for Arslanian Brothers. He joined the company in 1960, and is a very hands-on owner. He is an expert in all areas of rug cleaning and repair.

Armen Arslanian – Outside Operations

Armen manages the in-home cleaning department for Arslanian Brothers. He is in charge of scheduling crews for on time service. Armen is also responsible for scheduling of pick-up and delivery of area rugs. He is a hands-on owner who joined the company in 1965.

Our Crew

Year Started Full Time Employment:

Al – 1991
Don – 1992
James – 1970
Nick W. – 1971
Frank – 1996
Jeff L. – 1999
Matt – 2004

Cliff – 1993
Lauren – 1996
Tom – 1970
Jimmy – 1996
Ron – 1998
Scott – 2000
Tony – 2007

Nick G. – 2012
Dave O. – 2014
Justin – 2015
Jeff B. – 2012
Tim – 2013
Ricky – 2015
Saeid – 2018