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Beware of the “Super Deal”

What’s the deal with those amazing carpet cleaning coupon deals? Many franchise carpet cleaning companies commonly publish super deals offering an amazing per-room rate (sometimes as low as $9.00 per room). Sounds great until you read the fine print or face the surprise of add-on charges when the technician hands you your final bill. Did you know that these companies typically charge extra for:

  • Fuel
  • Each square foot of carpet greater than a certain amount
  • Spot Treatment
  • Moving furniture

We have been in business for over a half-century solely by treating our customers fairly. We pride ourselves on developing lifelong customers through exceptional customer service, quality work and fair pricing. It is our goal to make your cleaning experience easy and worry-free.

Our pricing is fair and upfront:
  • Arslanian Brothers will never engage in predatory bait and switch pricing.
  • We do not charge for travel, spot cleaning, or moving furniture.
  • We offer personal service and great quality at prices less than the franchise company’s “super deals”.
  • There is no need to send an estimator to your home to measure or high pressure sell you.  Call us with your room sizes and we can provide quotes right over the phone.

Sample Jobs

2 Rooms,
Steps & Hall
(300 sq/ft 13 Steps)

Arslanian Brothers


Coupon $(10.00)

Total $130.50

National Competitor


30% Off Sale $(57.80)

Total $134.86

$9.99 Per Room Guy


Fuel Surcharge $40.00

Furniture Moving $50.00

Deep Scrub $30.00

Total $159.96

Standard Sofa,
Love Seat & Chair

Beige Sofa
Arslanian Brothers


Coupon $(20.00)

Total $195.00

National Competitor


Coupon $(20.00)

Total $195.00

$9.99 Per Room Guy


Dry Soil Removal $50.00

Special Material $75.00

Quick Dry $25.00

Total $250.00

Part Time Help With No Experience Ruins Sofa

Whole House
(1000 sq/ft 13 Steps)

Aerial View of Room
Arslanian Brothers


Coupon $(25.00)

Total $367.50

Estimates Done Conveniently Over the phone. Ohio’s Most Experienced Cleaning Crews With 20+ Years Avg. Experience

National Competitor


33% Off Sale $(186.14)

Total $377.93

Requires In-Home Appointment To Do Estimate So They Can Use High Pressure Sales Tactics To Sell You Other Services

$9.99 Per Room Guy


Fuel Surcharge $75.00

Furniture Moving $150.00

Deep Scrub $100.00

Total $374.95

Leaves Carpet Too Wet So It Doesn’t Dry for Days