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Stair Runner

Carpet runners and rugs can transform an ordinary staircase into a luxuriously warm and elegant focal point in your home. Wrapping a staircase with a carpet runner will make an immediate impression on visitors and create a welcoming environment for you and your family.

Stair runners can add an original, decorative look to your stairwell. They bring an extra splash of color into your home and help to tie together the decor of your second and fist level. Stair runners also have a practical use, they help keep your shoes or socks from sliding on the exposed wood of the stairs.

There are a variety of types of patterns for stair runners. They can be diverse, just like any other rug, to match the decor and theme of your home. Diamonds are a popular theme among stair runners. Diagonal lines in the runners intersect to form the diamond pattern in the carpet. Another popular pattern is paisley, which is a more ornate type of look. Paisley patterns are usually found on dark, rich colored fabrics, and the paisley is printed in gold or brown, or another contrasting color. Oriental patterns, much like oriental rugs, are another common pattern for stair runners. This pattern is also more suited for a home with a more traditional decor.

Below Are A Few Examples of Arslanian Brothers Exquisite Collection Of Stair Runner Rugs.