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Decorating with round area rugs is one of the easiest ways to revitalize, update improve and beautify any room in your home. Round rugs can turn a drab room into one full of color. Or you can use round rugs to create a focal point or define an area of interest. Round rugs can add warmth to otherwise cold tiles, stone or concrete floors. Round rugs will protect hardwood floor or wall-to-wall carpeting. The right round rug can tie together all of a room’s decor elements. Best of all, round rugs are…round!

Round rugs are extremely versatile and can serve numerous purposes in your home. Whether you are decorating your living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway or patio, there’s a round rug that is right for you. Unlike wall-to-wall carpet, which is normally best kept rather neutral, round rugs can bring colorful patterns and designs your room without overwhelming it. Plus, unlike carpeting, round rugs can be changed with the seasons- or your mood- and are yours to keep should you move.

Below Are A Few Examples of Arslanian Brothers Exquisite Collection Of Round Rugs.