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Braided rugs have an alluring appeal that has lasted through generations. Some are circular, and in them circles upon circles of changing colors come together. Others stripes of two opposing hues. Yet others are a palette of changing colors. It is this canvas that makes braided rugs such a strong focal point in a room. It’s the rug that people notice, and the best room decorating ideas for braided rugs simply give the rugs– the floor.

Braided rugs have been around for over a century an they offer a wide spectrum of functionality and practicality. They are great additions to any home due to their durability and ageless beauty. Manufacturing of braided rugs has evolved through the years and the quality for the rugs has greatly improved. More intricate designs can be made for the rugs and it is sturdier and longer lasting than ever before.

Today, many braided rugs are made from different kinds of fabrics in many styles and textures. Braided rug manufacturers are constantly looking for new rug designs to keep products diverse. Different styles are mixed and matched to produce distinctive yet appealing braided rugs.

Below Are A Few Examples of Arslanian Brothers Exquisite Collection Of Braided Rugs.